Local Programs -

We provide:

  • Food for local after-school programs
  • "Gift a Garden" to families with underprivileged children
  • Clothing for children living in temporary housing
  • Clothing and shelter assistance awards to disadvantaged and displaced children





Dathan and his father started a small garden behind their house, next to their shed.  They planted watermelon, cucumbers, peppers, and other vegetables.  They also planted basil and peppermint in a container near the back door of their home.  It's a small area, but they hope to expand their garden next year.

We provide local needy families with children, like Dathan and his dad, all the supplies they need to plant a garden.  This gift helps families produce their own free, nutritious food, along with encourage positive family projects, and help
children learn basic life science, through hands on experience.


Below is food and drinks for the Melton Center's After School Program. 

We provide food and drinks for this community center in West Chester, PA during the school year

Help us expand our reach to more local children, donate today.

PO Box 1284, West Chester, PA  19382           info@daynasicarefoundation.com          484-999-8471