Rev Dayna Spence, is the founder and CEO of Dayna's iCare Foundation.  She is a very compassionate person who also has a gift of mercy.  For the past 12 years she's worked as a hospital and hospice chaplain.  Dayna Spence understands suffering and is experienced in the area of death and dying.  Most of her life, she has been passionate God and the safety and welfare of ALL children.  Those who know her are not surprised that she became an ordained minister, chaplain and licensed evangelist with the international Church of God in Christ church.  Rev Spence has been an active member of Mt Carmel COGIC, in West Chester, PA for over 20 years and she's served in various capacities, including teaching children's Bible study and heading the mission department.   Rev Dayna Spence also served as the jurisdictional secretary, where she was intricately involved in the restructure and reorganization of the COGIC Commonwealth of PA Missions Department.  In that position, Dayna organized international mission trips, fundraiser events, and traveled abroad.  As a result, she, being the true visionary that she is and passionate about improving the lives of impoverished children, saw many ways she could make a real difference toward ending childhood poverty, locally and abroad.    So in 2017, Rev Spence began laying the ground work of Dayna's iCare Foundation.   Her model was the model of Christ, helping those in need at home first and then abroad, regardless of race, color, religion or creed.  Toward that end, she created 3 programs, a local, national and international program to accomplish these goals.   By the end of the first year, the foundation helped over 280 children, traveled to Haiti and distributed clothes and over 200 pair of shoes to children in need.  Rev Dayna Spence's passion to serve, her compassion for the suffering and willingness to think outside of the box to make a real difference, inspires us all to live out our purpose and to be charitable.    


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