Dayna's iCare Foundation provides needy families with children,
 garden supplies, vegetable seeds, and reference material to grow gardens, both locally and nationally.

Local "Gift a Garden" Program


 This is Dathan's Garden.
Dathan and his father started a small garden behind their house,
 next to a shed.  They planted watermelon, cucumbers, and peppers. 
 They also planted basil and peppermint in a container near the back door
of their home.  It's a small area, but they hope to expand their garden next year.

We provide local needy families with children all the supplies they need
 to plant a garden, like Dathan and his dad.   This gift helps families produce their own
free, nutritious food, along with encourage positive family projects, and help
children learn basic life science, through hands on experience.

National "Gift a Garden" Program



Dayna's iCare Foundation took a team (with young adults) to Puerto Rico, May 2019,
where garden supplies were distributed to needy families, as part of the
 foundation's national "Gift a Garden" program. 

Dayna's iCare Foundation travels nationally to provide garden supplies
(shovels; rakes; trowels; gardening shears; gardening gloves; water pails) vegetable seeds,
toys, and inspirational reading materials to needy families with children nationally.
  We also provide words of encouragement and hugs.