International Program -

S.E.E.D. Program:

  • We travel abroad yearly to "Sow Economic Empowerment & Dignity" to the poorest families with children, those living in 3rd world countries.  We provide them with a bundle of items consisting of a sewing machine, bicycle, livestock and vegetable seeds.  We also give words of encouragement and hugs.  We gift these families with real resources to help enable them to nourish themselves and create perpetual sustainable income, which ultimately positively impacts their communities. 


There are countries waiting on our help.  Won't you consider sponsoring a family, community, or a team to travel to give real resources to need families.                                


Please see our sponsorship package, on our "Sponsors" page.  Or contact:

Daryn West
P.O. Box 1284
West Chester, PA  19380
484-999-8471 (office)
972-674-2947 (fax)

PO Box 1284, West Chester, PA  19382           484-999-8471