for Abaco, Bahamas

HURRICANE DORIAN - On September 1, 2019, the Bahamas suffered the most destructive hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean.  Hurricane Dorian, a slow moving, category 5 hurricane, slammed the Abaco Islands with wind gusts up to 225 mph.  The deadly storm utterly destroyed everything in its path, including people, animals, plants, houses, and businesses.  Dorian shut down power, stopped the water supply, polluted fresh water and caused a mass exodus from Abaco.

HUMANITARIAN CRISIS - When the wind ceased, the sea retreated, and the flood waters subsided...there was a loss of life and property.  An unknown number of people perished in the storm and over 13,000 homes were lost or severely damaged.  Due to the magnitude of the devastation, over 90% of the residents of Abaco were displaced and ARE STILL STRUGGLING FOR SHELTER.   Many are hardworking Bahamians, who had homes, jobs and cars on August 30, 2019, but today they living outside in tents trying to desperately figure out how to recover.


Dayna's iCare Foundation came up with a unique and resourceful solution to get the residents of Abaco back into homes of their own.  We collaborated with experts who worked through the details, and now we are able ship 3 bedroom homes to Marsh Harbor, to be built on existing foundations, enabling families to return home so they can clean up and rebuild their communities.  We believe these homes will ignite hope for a bigger, better, brighter Abaco, Bahamas.  DIF Homes are available through Dayna's iCare Foundation.  They may be donated to hurricane victims, sponsored for hurricane victims, or purchased by hurricane victims.  For more information please contact  Criteria for receiving donated DIF Homes are:
                        • Families with Children
                        • Lost a Home in Hurricane Dorian
                        • Have an existing concrete foundation
                        • No Means of Rebuilding (for donated homes)

OUR GOALS - As a foundation we are committed to helping as many Bahamian families, as we possibly can.  It is our hope that Abaco residents will receive DIF Homes so they can rebuild.    Our short term goal is to raise funds so we can donate homes to families with children, who otherwise have no means of rebuilding.


This effort is a huge undertaking, and we rely solely on our supporters and donors.  Here's how we're funding it:    

Donations - We accept donations on our website, online at  www.PayPal.Me/Daynasicare, or by mail:

Dayna's iCare Foundation
PO Box 1284
West Chester, PA  19380
(please indicate "DIF Homes")

Corporate Sponsors - We are currently seeking philanthropist and corporate sponsors to make a great impact on this humanitarian effort.  Please contact us at or call 484-999-8471, to inquire about sponsoring a family or families.

CrowdfundingHAVE A HEART, GIVE A HOME to Abaco, Bahamas GoFundMe Campaign (please Fund, Follow our progress, and Forward our campaign).

Fundraiser Event - Upcoming  "DIF Homes for Hope, Black Tie Gala", February 1, 2020, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Nationally known keynote speaker to be announced November 2019.  Your attendance is greatly appreciated.

*Funds raised for DIF Homes will go directly to building, shipping, receiving, and constructing, Dayna's iCare Foundation Homes that will go to "REAL", identified families with children, in Abaco, Bahamas.  Dayna's iCare Foundation is a 501 (C)(3), non profit organization.  All donations are tax deductible.