HURRICANE DORIAN - On September 1, 2019, the Bahamas suffered the most destructive hurricane recorded in the Atlantic Ocean history. Hurricane Dorian, a slow moving, category 5 hurricane, slammed the Abaco Islands with wind gusts up to 225 mph. The deadly storm utterly destroyed everything in its path, including people, animals, plants, and houses. Dorian shut down power, stopped the water supply, and caused a mass exodus from Abaco.


Created for Dorian Victims 

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HUMANITARIAN CRISIS - After the wind ceased, the sea retreated, and the flood waters subsided...there was a loss of life and property.  An unknown number of people perished in the storm and over 13,000 homes were lost or severely damaged.  Due to the magnitude of the devastation, over 90% of the residents affected were displaced and are still struggling to find shelter. Many hardworking Bahamians who had homes and jobs on August 30, 2019, are living today temporary housing trying to desperately figure out how to recover.

As a foundation, it was our desire to help families in the Bahamas who lost their homes, as a result of Hurricane Dorian.   We came up with a unique and resourceful way for displaced victims to quickly rebuild and return home, enabling them to also begin rebuilding their communities.  

So, we collaborated with experts who worked diligently through the details, and now we have a "high quality", hurricane resistant, 3 bedroom, partially built home that ships to Marsh Harbor, to be built on existing foundations.  We believe these quality homes will ignite hope for a bigger, better, brighter Bahamas. 


DIF Homes are only available through Dayna's iCare Foundation.  Homes may be purchased, donated, or sponsored. 


      Exterior Package $23,048.00, and Includes:
Exterior wall panels with T1-11 siding; interior wall panels with smart panel; 5/12 pitch, hurricane resistant roof consisting of pre-built roof trusses, sheathing and shingles; 2 exterior doors; hurricane resistant windows; exterior trim; interior walls paneled on one side to allow for wiring and plumbing.  Made to be built on existing foundations.

      Interior Package (Please contact our office for details):
Some items included in the interior package are electrical, plumbling, appliances and more.

     Delivery $9,688.00:
Delivery from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Marsh Harbor, Bahamas.  DIF Home ships in a 40 foot container by land from Pennsylvania to Florida, and then by sea, from Florida to the Bahamas.  

           Exterior Package                                       $ 23,048.00
           Delivery                                                +   $   9, 688.00 
           Total Costs of Exterior Package
           and Delivery                                       =   $ 32,736.00

DIF Homes are available  to Hurricane Dorian victims "AT COST"  - We're assisting those who lost everything they own by ensuring they can obtain quality, affordable homes, delivered in the quickest time frames possible.   We encourage families to seek financing to purchase these amazing houses, as this is the quickest way to obtain homes and begin the rebuilding process.

DIF Homes donated to Hurricane Dorian victims - We are actively seeking sponsors, corporate sponsors and donors to assist us in donating homes to families who had homes, who still have existing foundations, and who are currently still homeless.  We will donate DIF Homes to Hurricane Dorian victims, as funding becomes available.  All families who desire donated homes should complete the  inquiry form on our home page.  Criteria for donated homes are as follows:
  • Families with Children
  • Lost a Home in Hurricane Dorian
  • Have an existing concrete foundation
  • No Means of Rebuilding (for donated homes)




  • DIF Homes are amazing because they can be shipped in containers.
  • DIF Homes are incredibly strong and weather resistant.
  • DIF Homes are resourceful because we utilize existing concrete foundations, which allow homes to be quickly constructed.
  • The DIF Home "Exterior Package" allows homeowners the flexibility to finish the interior how they like, when they like, and as they are financially able.
  • The DIF Home "Interior Package" is an add-on that includes the basic items needed to finish a home.  (Please contact our office for details)
  • The availability of "Exterior and Interior Packages" give homeowners the option to rebuild in stages, or all at once, whichever suits their needs.
  • DIF Homes are affordable because WE CARE. Our team and partners are committed to serving families devastated by Hurricane Dorian and making great homes availablee, as economically and efficiently, as possible.


We are currently seeking sponsors and donors of DIF HOMES.  The current shelter crisis in the Bahamas requires a great humanitarian effort.  We're looking to partner with businesses, companies, other non profit organizations, churches, and individuals able to sponsor homes or clusters of homes for displaced families.  All donated and sponsored homes will come with a plaque affixed to the structurre in honor of those who made the building of those homes possible.  Also, our sponsors and donors will receive digital pictures of the completed houses and be invited to home dedications.  

We accept donations at PayPal.Me/Daynasicare, or by mail at:

"Dayna's iCare Foundation"
PO Box 1284
West Chester, PA  19380 
(Please indicate "DIF Homes")

* All donations are tax deductible


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